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Sunday, 25 March 2012



sometime the people you think don't want to talk to you 
are the ones waiting for you to talk to them

maybe its not always about trying to fix something broken, 
maybe its about starting over and creating something better

someday someone will walk into your life
and make you realize 
why it never worked with anyone else

if you don't know, then ask me
if you don't agree, then argue with me
if you don't like, then say it to me
but don't start judging me silently

sometimes you need to step outside
get some air and remind
yourself of who you are
and who you want to be

times goes by fast. people go in and out of your life
you must never miss the opportunity
to tell this people how much they mean to you

always believe that something wonderful is about
to happen

be with someone who knows exactly 
what they have when they have you
not someone who realize it when they've lost you

strong people know how to keep their life in order
even with tears in their eyes
they still manage to say
" i'm ok "
with a smile

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